Planning Guidelines

Owners of Lynden Gate properties have collectively agreed Planning Guidelines that set out the principles of what is considered a fair and acceptable level of modification to houses and garages on the estate. 

The Board is expected to enforce these guidelines and only to grant permission for works which conform to them.  From time to time the Board consults with property owners to verify majority support for the guidelines to be applied.

Houses and garages at Lynden Gate may not be altered without prior permission from the Board.  This is a legal requirement set out in the Title Deed for each property, which owners agree to at the time of purchase.

The Board has absolute discretion with regard to the enforcement of the guidelines and has in the past caused works to be remedied/undone when these have been in contravention of the guidelines.

For homeowners planning on making property improvements a set of documents is available to assist with navigating the planning process





Planning Guidelines 2020

The planning principles to be maintain for properties on the estate 


Planning Application form

A simple two-page form for your planning application to the Board

Application form

Planning Checklist

A checklist of issues which to be should consider when making a planning application


Planning Process

A description of roles and responsibilities



 If you would like to make an alteration to your house or garage you need to make a formal planning application to the Board of Lynden Gate Residents Ltd.  For an informal conversation please contact the Director for Planning Applications, Peter Franklin,  who will be happy to assist you.