Planning Guidelines

The Board has consulted with Residents and agreed a set of Planning Guidelines to control unwanted development of the estate. The Board has been authorised by the residents to enforce these guidelines and to only grant permission for works which conform to them. From time to time the Board may consult residents on specific proposals put forward by an owner of a house on the estate to verify that residents continue to wish the guidelines to be applied.

The Board has absolute discretion with regard to the enforcement of the guidelines and has in the past caused works to be remedied/undone when these have been in contravention of the guidelines.

For home owners planning on making property changes/improvements we have prepared a set of documents to assist with navigating the planning process.

When first considering home improvements, the Planning Brief is the best place to start to understand Lynden Gate's planning application process. The Planning Brief provides an overview of the planning process covering its objectives and the application process. Download by clicking here.

The Planning Brief also references the Planning Guidelines 2005 which set out the principles to be maintain the style and standards of properties on the estate as approved by shareholders at the the 2005 AGM. Download by clicking here.

Since 2005 the interpretation of the guidelines by the Board has evolved. You can see a summary of the evolution indicating what is, and what is not permitted currently in a document called "PLANNING POLICY – BALANCING THE NEEDS OF THE COMMUNITY WITH THOSE OF THE INDIVIDUAL". This document also fleshes out the rational for the guidlelines and their evolution.You can download it by clicking here.

You may also wish to take a look at a collection of issues raised during the planning policy review in 2005. This forms a useful reference for consideration during any review of the planning guidelines. You can download it here.

The Planning Process describes the responsibilities of the property owner (Planning Applicant) together with what can be expected from the Board, the Director responsible for planning and the Estate Manager. Download by clicking here.

At the point of planning a specific renovation, the Planning Checklist provides a checklist of issues which owners need to consider when progressing a planning application. Download by clicking here.

Finally, the Planning Application form is the preferred on-line form that may be used for your Lynden Gate planning application that gives the Board the information needed to progress the approval process. Download by clicking here.

Owners may use their own planning application documentation provided it includes the equivalent information.

Please note that all the documents, with the exception of the Planning Guidelines, are working document drafts which can be used but are still subject to formal Board approval which is in process.