The Estate is managed by our excellent Gatehouse team. If there are any questions concerning any of the information shown below, please contact them on 0208 785 2061. You will find they are pleased to help in any way they can to make life as pleasant as possible on the estate.

The Gatehouse team

The Estate is managed by John Sullivan (Estate Manager) and his team at the Gatehouse.

They are here to help ensure that life for you and all your neighbours in Lynden Gate is as pleasant as possible so please contact them in the first instance for any other information you feel you may need.

John Sullivan Estate Manager 020 8785 2061
George Lant Estate Asssistant   020 8785 2061


There are two entryphone systems to the estate.

The old system (the grey box on the right hand side of the gatehouse door is on the old system and can be operated form the video control units in residents houses. In a number of houses these no longer function/have been removed. In parallel we have the golden box on the left hand side of the gatehouse door which operates via your home telephone or mobile. Please register the number you wish to have activated with the Gatehouse team.

When a visitor presses your house code on the new entry phone your designated phone will ring and you can speak with them. To open the gate simply press # on your phone during the call.

The gatehouse also have an access number which you can programme into your mobile phone to open the gates. This access number is for residents use only and can be obtained from the Gatehouse team.

Gate guns and side gate keys

Spare's are kept at the Gate house.

Cost's are:

Rubbish Collection

Rubbish collection is done by Phil Box. who collects every morning (Monday to Saturday), your household rubbish, in grey sacks (provided) and waste paper in yellow sacks (provided).


The gardens of Lynden Gate are always a pleasure to view as you pass through the estate. They are looked after by our excellent gardening team, Lee Williams and Wayne Hadley.

Lee and Wayne are also pleased to offer residents care and maintenance of their patio gardens at reasonable rates. Just ask them when you see them tending to the gardens or you can reach them on:

Leeway Garden and Lawn Care: